A Proper 20 Art for Readings September 18, 2011

(b. 1518, Venezia, d. 1594, Venezia)
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The Miracle of Manna
c. 1577
Oil on canvas, 550 x 520 cm
Scuola Grande di San Rocco, Venice
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Manna as communion wafers (Christ.)
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Proper 17A: Art for Track 1 Readings

A different presentation of Moses and the Burning Bush. Original post updated 8/28/20

Moses and the Burning Bush, Nicolas Froment (1476)

The Burning Bush
Wood, 410 x 305 cm
Cathedrale Saint Sauveur, Aix-en-Provence
FROMENT, Nicolas
(b. ca. 1435, Uzes, d. ca. 1486, Avignon)Barcelona)
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Exodus 3:1-15 is one of the readings appointed for Proper 17A (Continuous Narrative). Here is an interesting depiction of that moment.

What is going on here? Mary standing in for God? Well not exactly—the infant Jesus represents God in the burning bush. Why Mary?

Welcome to typological and allegorical interpretation where Mary represents many ideas and connections. Notice the little mirror held by Jesus. Perhaps Mary, sometimes known as “the reflection of the Church” or “the reflection of faith,” brings our witness to this foundational story of God acting for justice and order in our lives.

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