You’ll want to use

Here is a resource that’s as easy to use as Google Maps: It is still being built, so be patient.

Once on the site, enter a book and chapter in the search panel (usually on the left). As soon as I selected the book (from the drop-down list) and the chapter number the map appeared.

Here’s what I got for 1 Thesslonians 1

Click the map – go to the map

Once you have the map you may navigate it as you do in Google Maps (use the controls on the right side of the map). You can zoom in or out. You can navigate in all compass directions. Clicking on a map pin will give you even more information (and choices).

In addition, you will find Paul’s Missionary Journeys mapped out. In the upper right hand corner click on events (sandwiched between home and report an error). I selected Paul’s 2nd Missionary Journey from the pop-up list and received this map:

Click the map – go to the map

Have fun with this bible map tool. Share your experiences and questions here (Comments and Replies) or in the Forum on Sunday.

Author: Daniel Rondeau

I am a husband and father and an Episcopal Priest (now retired) in the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego.

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