Advent Calendar Day 1: Angel Tree

Angel Tree Ministries

Starting today, November 27, 2011, the people of St. Margaret’s will again participate in the Angel Tree Christmas ministry. What is Angel Tree Ministries? Here is their Mission Statement:

Every child has a story. For 1.7 million American children, that story is filled with the abandonment, loneliness, and shame that comes from having a mom or dad in prison. For many, it may also include following their parents down the same destructive road to incarceration.

Angel Tree is a ministry that reaches out to the children of inmates and their families with the love of Christ. This unique program gives your church an opportunity to share Christ’s love by helping to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the families of prisoners.

Angel Tree Christmas works by connecting parents in prison with their children through the delivery of Christmas gifts. Every Christmas, thousands of churches like yours help brighten the lives of countless children by purchasing, wrapping and delivering gifts on behalf of their incarcerated parent—not only delivering a message of love from parent to child, but also the true meaning of Christmas—the good news of Jesus Christ.

But Angel Tree doesn’t end with Christmas. For you and your church, that first Christmas connection can be the beginning of a rewarding ongoing relationship with these children and their families. Continue your Angel Tree ministry throughout the year and God will use your church to help these children and their families grow in their faith, strengthen their relationships with imprisoned parents, and fulfill the purposes that God has for their lives.

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Advent Calendar 2011

For further reflection

When Mom or Dad is in prison, it is the children who do the hard time, but you can let them know they aren’t forgotten. You can give the child of a prisoner the joy of Christmas this year.

After Thanksgiving Angel Tree Tags will be available. Please take one or more and buy the gifts for the children. Donations can also be made for the party that is given for the families.Return the donations/wrapped gifts to the church on or before December 12th.

Volunteers will be needed to sort through the gifts and organize by families. Please contact Debby at 760-346-2697 if you can help.

St. Margaret’s Parish Life Bulletin for November 27, 2011

Author: Daniel Rondeau

I am a husband and father and an Episcopal Priest (now retired) in the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego.

2 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 1: Angel Tree”

  1. Dearest Dan,

    I’m so thrilled that Angel Tree is still going strong at St. Margaret’s. Is your leader aware of the camp they have at Calicinto Ranch. The gal that runs our program and our youth pastor (at Faith Community Church take several kids every summer for 4-5 days. We just had a Jazz Concert and also a bake sale that netted $400 and $350 respectfully to send children. I know that God smiles when we care about the less fortunate, and St. Margaret’s has always been about that.

    Much love to you, Carol, the young sons and to others at St. Margaret’s.

    Love, Barb

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