Advent Calendar Day 10: Anglican Communion Environmental Network

Anglican Communion Environmental Network (ACEN)

Episcopalians are members of the Worldwide Anglican Communion. We are Anglicans. We are present in every part of the world. We are most definitely in the world (for better or worse).

Quote . . .Anglicans have long been concerned with environmental issues. [In 1984 the Anglican Consultative Council] stated that the fifth mark of mission was,

To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the earth.

In many parts of the world local Anglican Churches have given leadership:

  • by being advocates for responsible environmental stewardship
  • by providing support and leadership to local initiatives to protect the environment
  • by seeking to educate Anglicans as individuals and as communities to become better stewards of creation.

In 1998 the bishops gathered at Lambeth expressed their concern that efforts to address such issues be given greater visibility and be better coordinated across the Anglican Communion. The Network is an attempt to do just that. (from the ACEN website)

Mission Statement of the Anglican Communion Environmental Network

Our Aims:

  • To encourage Anglicans to support sustainable environmental practices as individuals and in the life of their communities.
  • To provide information about policies embraced by synods, councils and commissions, and especially by the instruments of Unity (Statements by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Resolutions and Reports of the Lambeth Conference and the Anglican Consultative Council)
  • To support local initiatives by providing information about ideas and best practices developed around the communion.
  • To share information about resources and initiatives that may be of value to Anglicans everywhere.
  • To provide an opportunity for interested Anglicans to meet both as a formal network, and informally via electronic media.

For the rest of the story: Anglican Communion Environmental Network.

Read more about the The Five Marks of Mission

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For further reflection

“Creation is in crisis.” A Report from the ACEN meeting in Lima, Peru (Aug. 2011)

Creation is in crisis. This is the conclusion of the Anglican Communion Environmental Network meeting in Lima, Peru, August 2011. Each participant from around the Communion reported accelerating impacts from human-induced climate change and environmental degradation in their regions. Many participants also reported extensive ignorance and, in some cases, unwillingness to take action.

We were appropriately reminded by our host, the Bishop of Peru, the Rt Revd Bill Godfrey of the need to teach our people in terms they understand. We begin with the discovery in Jesus Christ of the Good News of the Kingdom which draws us together – moving us from a world that divides to a Gospel that gathers.

Together we discerned an urgent calling to seek environmental justice and to encourage Anglicans everywhere to challenge and transform individuals and systems that spoil the earth, affect local communities adversely, and refuse to imagine a different kind of global community.

Among those systems most in need of transformation is an economic system that knows no alternative to continual growth. Rather than having an economy that serves the well-being of communities, our communities (human and other-than-human) serve the well-being of the economy.

In order to motivate Anglicans, both at the individual and at the structural level of the church, we have committed ourselves and commend to all Provinces of the Communion, the following Issues with associated actions: Read the Lima Report on Crisis and Commitment

Image: ACEN Logo from its website

Author: Daniel Rondeau

I am a husband and father and an Episcopal Priest (now retired) in the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego.

One thought on “Advent Calendar Day 10: Anglican Communion Environmental Network”

  1. I am proud to be associated with Camp Stevens in Julian, CA. In recent years the Camp has expanded its educational programs and efforts. Seeds: Eco-logic for teens at Camp Stevens tells the story of inviting and empowering teens to care for the earth and to lead us in caring for the earth. This 10-minute video is well worth the time:

    This effort, Seeds, is well worth our support!

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