Advent Calendar Day 25: Coachella Valley Rescue Mission

 Coachella Valley Rescue Mission (CVRM)

Since coming to St. Margaret’s in 1993 I have been proud of the partnership of this congregation (collectively and as individuals seeking to serve Christ) with Coachella Valley Rescue Mission. A strong bond with CVRM continues to this day through caring individuals and through our St. Margaret’s Outreach Center.  ~dan rondeau

Quote . . .Since 1971, Coachella Valley Rescue Mission has been an oasis, a place of refuge for the homeless and needy in our valley. We are a safe haven, a place of rest for the weary, and a place where daily physical and spiritual needs may be met.

Over the years the mission has continued to meet the ever growing needs of individuals, who for a variety of reasons, have found themselves without the basic necessities of life. A dedicated staff and volunteers serve more than 130,000 hot meals annually and provide shelter to thousands of men and women with children. Food, clothing, and showers are also provided for those who do not shelter with us.” (CVRM website)

Mission Statement

“To serve those in need by sharing the saving grace of Jesus Christ through the provision of food, shelter, clothing, and spiritual recovery.”

Vision Statement

As ministers of reconciliation, we are to facilitate the reconciliation of men and women to God, to themselves, and to society.

Those in need of recovery due to loss of job, home, health, emotional, mental or spiritual support, or physical or substance abuse find themselves drawn to our ministry.  We are to facilitate that reconciliation through the available means of this Mission, i.e. food, clothing, shelter, counseling and discipleship.  Through these modalities we pave the way for them to be reconciled.

Source: Mission & Vision Page for CVRM

Home Page for Coachella Valley Rescue Mission

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“The LORD blesses everyone who freely gives food to the poor.”  Proverbs 22:9 CEV

Public Service Announcement from the CVRM website

Author: Daniel Rondeau

I am a husband and father and an Episcopal Priest (now retired) in the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego.

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