Second Day of Christmas: Dorcas House

Dorcas House

This vital ministry of compassion and hope is supported by the time, talent, and money of folks like you and me, members of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego. It is not “too far” to go to be Good News. Here is a summary of the needs in Tijuana:

6,000 children live on the street

 80,000 do not attend school

 400 used to live with their parents in prison

 Dorcas House is changing that, one child at a time.

(About Dorcas House web page)

Mission Statement

A ministry of the Episcopal Church to serve and support children in Tijuana. (July 2011 Newsletter)

Dorcas House Home Page

Dorcas House Photo Gallery

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For further reflection

What’s with the funny name?

Dorcas is in the Bible—you can look it up. She was known for her kindness to people in need. Plus, it’s a name people remember. [See Acts 9:36-42]

 How many children live at Dorcas House?

We’re raising 40+ kids on $11,000 a month. Mexican businesses supply food, milk, and occasional building materials. American contributions cover the children’s school fees, uniforms, school supplies, and staff salaries.

 Why are they in foster care?

At least one parent is incarcerated. Until 2002, children of prisoners simply lived in the prison with their parents. The prison system was reformed in 2002 but Dorcas House remains the only foster home that will accept children of prisoners.

 Sounds like a rough place.

You’d be surprised. Our children bear scars from the past, but have hope for a better future. Six girls are in college preparatory classes, and two are in university and doing very well. We also have children with severe needs who are treated by a volunteer medical team and an on-staff psychologist.

 Why should I care about Mexico when there are problems here?

Where else can you do international outreach in your own back yard? The world is getting smaller every day, and the child you save today may be your neighbor tomorrow.

 What can I do?

To sign up for a trip PLEASE CONTACT Suzanne Warren:

To join the medical team, contact Nanette Jiminez:

To make a donation, contact Chris Harris:

Source: About Dorcas House

Author: Daniel Rondeau

I am a husband and father and an Episcopal Priest (now retired) in the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego.

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