A Simple Lenten Pilgrimage

On last Sunday, David Burgdorf pointed out that Mark gives us a succinct pilgrimage as Jesus travels to be baptized and identified, is tempted, and returns to begin his ministry.
All the elements of pilgrimage are there – a change of venue leading to insight and a period of assimilation and then return with a new or renewed sence of purpose.

Some of you may have heard that I have set a Lenten task for myself; to invite every one I meet at Church to come visit St. Margaret’s Outreach Center on San Pablo Drive. My asking is not the pilgrimage. The pilgrimage is yours, if you decide to come.
My hope is that you may find and bring insight, assimilation and renewal to this work of the church.

Current hours of operation are Tuesday 7am-5pm for preparation and client services and Thursday 9am-10am for “Not by Bread Alone” a prayer service and discussion.
If you come Tuesday morning (back door) find Bob Kimball. If you come Tuesday afternoon find Chet Hecht.  If you come Thursday for prayers see David Rhodes.

Stanley Hirsch

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