Observing a holy Lent: giving alms

Are you ready for a challenge? I am. Here we go.

Go to the Haiti Response Page for more information
Image from the ERD Haiti Earthquake Response Page

On Sunday, March 4th, over a dozen Forum participants gathered with other parishioners to hear Sandra Swan talk about Haiti, about Episcopal Relief and Development, and about the efforts of every diocese and parish within the Episcopal Church—including St. Margaret’s—to learn about and “give alms” for the rebuilding of Haiti. Lane and Chet, the Vestry and its Outreach Commission, have made this our charitable effort in Lent 2012 (you can see the bricks in the Narthex every Sunday to remind you of this project).

Today, I challenge our Sunday Morning Forum (you and me) to contribute $1,000 to this Lenten alms giving. This seems like a modest goal for us who seek to be “doers of the word.” (James 1:22)

We are averaging over 20 folks in our Sunday morning gathering on campus. With just the Sunday morning crowd and a donation of $50 each we can make this goal. Reaching out to our friends and family and online Forum members we may exceed this goal for the glory of God and the relief of his people in Haiti.

If you have already given to the Haiti effort, let me know and we’ll add that to our total. Today Carol and I have donated $100 for the rebuilding of Haiti. Let’s do this as part of our effort to put our faith into action. Thank you. ~father dan

Donate Now as a doer of the word

  1. Use ParishPay (a secure website used by the church). Under One-Time Donations designate Rebuild Haiti to make your donation. (The option Carol and I used)
  2. Use the Episcopal Relief and Development secure website to make your donation; designate “Haiti Earthquake Response” to make your donation
  3. Write a check to St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church and indicate “Rebuild Haiti” on the Memo Line. Send check to: St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church | 47535 Highway 74 | Palm Desert, CA 92260 or drop the check into the Sunday collection at worship.

All contributions to St. Margaret’s for Haiti Relief will be sent to Episcopal Relief and Development whose workers and whose aid arrived in Haiti within hours of the January 12th earthquake in 2010 and whose commitment is to continue “its support throughout the recovery and rehabilitation process” (no matter how long it takes).

Additional information about how donations to ERD are used:

Additional information about how ERD is joined in a cooperative effort with other charitable organizations:

Visit the InterAction Haiti Aid Map for an interactive look at where Episcopal Relief & Development is active. Use this link to view the combined efforts of all Non-Govermental Organizations (NGOs) in Haiti.

Additional information about our parish efforts to contribute to the rebuilding of Haiti:

  • Sherry Wollenberg, our Forum member, (on Sundays in Lent you will find her near the bricks and the wheelbarrow in the Narthex or on the patio)
  • Deacon Cherry (seemingly everywhere on Sundays in Lent and via email: Deacon Cherry)

Author: Daniel Rondeau

I am a husband and father and an Episcopal Priest (now retired) in the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego.

One thought on “Observing a holy Lent: giving alms”

  1. Sandra Swan referred to InterAction in her talk on March 4th. If you would like to find out more about InterAction here is the link: http://www.interaction.org/
    Episcopal Relief and Development is a member. The members of InterAction seek to complement (not compete with) one another in relief and development work.

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