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Proudly introducing the St. Margaret’s Online Calendar for the 12 Days of Christmas

Beginning with Christmas Day, and continuing the theme of the Advent Calendar, a new posting will be made each of the 12 Days of Christmas to introduce you to a person, an organization, or a fund that embodies the Gospel imperative to “love your neighbor as yourself.” We celebrate the birth of a poor, homeless baby who grew to reveal God, who is love. We have been invited to love as he loved us. In these 12 Days of Christmas continue to become aware of the many needs that surround us and the many persons, individually and collectively, working to meet those needs.

Come every day to the Online Calendar for the 12 Days of Christmas to open a new “window” and look upon the world into which Christ is to be born. In quiet and prayer, hear what the Spirit is saying to you.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Calendar in one place

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