Fourth Day of Christmas: Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center

Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center

By now you may have picked up a theme in this week after Christmas: children. With the joyful images and music of Christmas we celebrate the birth of the Christ child; now seems a good time to shine that Christ-light on the needs of children here and around the world.

Today (12/28) the Church commemorates the Feast of the Holy Innocents. We tell the story of the violent death of children in 1st century Palestine at the command of a tyrant, see Matthew 2:13-18. Sadly, centuries later, children in our own Coachella Valley still need to seek safety and healing from violence and abuse despite our efforts to live the kind of love that Jesus lived. The staff and volunteers (some of them members of St Margaret’s) are at the Barbara Sinatra Center to bring healing and hope to these children.  ~dan rondeau

The Children Come First

Founded in 1986 by Barbara and Frank Sinatra, the nonprofit Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center at Eisenhower provides counseling for victims of physical, sexual and emotional child abuse.

Our mission is to break the generational cycle of abuse by focusing on prevention and education.

Approximately 90% of our budget comes from the generosity of a caring, worldwide community, fundraising events and charitable organizations. This heartfelt support ensures that children are counseled regardless of a family’s inability to pay.

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Dick Van Dyke narrates a short (11 min) video about the Center

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