The ‘Splainer: Can the Anglican-Episcopalian marriage be saved?

This is a good introduction from Religion News Service (RNS) to the recent decision of the leading bishops of the Anglican Communion (“the primates”) to remain together but in a divided way. Confusing? Yes. This helps set the foundation and offers some history. I encourage you to read more on your own, pray, speak, study, and decide for yourself what the Spirit is saying. ~Daniel Rondeau

The Anglican Communion has voted to suspend the Episcopal Church, its American branch, from participating in decision-making and governance for three years. The move came in a private meeting of Anglican leaders in Canterbury, England and is designed to send a message — Anglicans feel the decisions Episcopalians have made regarding gay clergy (they got ’em), same-sex marriage (they do ’em) are out of line with what the the majority of Anglicans consider Christian doctrine. Read more on Religion News Service

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