The Antonine Plague and the Spread of Christianity

Did a plague influence the spread of Christianity?

This post originally appeared in the “Classical Corner” column of the Bible History Daily

Quote . . .The year was 166 C.E., and the Roman Empire was at the zenith of its power. The triumphant Roman legions, under the command of Emperor Lucius Verrus, returned to Rome victorious after having defeated their Parthian enemies on the eastern border of the Roman Empire. As they marched west toward Rome, they carried with them more than the spoils of plundered Parthian temples; they also carried an epidemic that would ravage the Roman Empire over the course of the next two decades, an event that would inexorably alter the landscape of the Roman world. The Antonine Plague, as it came to be known, would reach every corner of the empire and is what most likely claimed the life of Lucius Verrus himself in 169—and possibly that of his co-emperor Marcus Aurelius in 180. Read the entire post on Bible History Daily

Traditional Marriage?

What is a traditional marriage? The history of marriage may surprise you. As debate continues in America, as you listen for the Spirit in your reading of the Word, as you exercise your mind consider this brief look at marriage through the centuries and across continents.

“From “ghost marriages” to weddings staged purely to attain power, [this essay presents]  just a few of the ways that marriage has been radically redefined throughout history.”

Source: Here Is All You Need To Prove Bigots Wrong About ‘Traditional Marriage’