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Catholic scholars drive a new wave on the New Testament (via Crux)

A new generation of scholars—many of them Catholic—are at last coming at the subject of New Testament scholarship with some humility and common sense.

The turning point in the scholarship has been the increased understanding of the relevance of the first century Jewish context  of the New Testament. As scholars and archeologists have uncovered an increasing amount of information about first century Jewish culture, beliefs and writings, they have come to understand more deeply the meaning and historicity of the gospels.

Put simply, a deeper understanding of first century Judaism has illuminated the New Testament, not only revealing new depths of meaning, but also affirming its early date and historical authenticity.

I encourage you to read the whole post on the Crux website. Let it inspire you to continue to do your own research and decision-making as you keep learning. ~Dan

Image: Page from Codex Vaticanus; ending of 2 Thes and beginning of Heb on Wikipedia