Creator by Maggie Nez

Thanks be to God for gifted poets and pray-ers. “Creator” is beautiful in simplicity and power. “Journey Youth” is curated by Joseph Begay. Please check out the blog (many posts are from the “young” and have the power to humble me. ~dan

journey youth


By Maggie Nez


Holy Grandfather, who watches over us in dark and light times,

Help us to trust that new days will come

And that we will not be stuck in old ways.

Give us the calm that sees us through the times we want to die

And the joy that erupts in unexpected moments of beauty.

Join us in each step of our journey

Even as the path changes and turns.

Be our God and our Guide always.

Even when we mess up again.

Give us the strength of our ancestors

To do more than endure.

Help us to walk in beauty.


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Author: Daniel Rondeau

I am a husband and father and an Episcopal Priest (from the Diocese of San Diego; "Retired" due to illness).

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