Wind Chimes: 22 Mar 2013

World Water Day, March 22, 2013

World Water Day: March 22nd

Water: we all need it, we all depend on it. Today, take a moment to think about the gift of water in your life. Take a moment to understand that a brother or sister you may never meet could really use your help in obtaining clean water. It is World Water Day.

Here are 2 videos to help you think about water and how you can make a difference:

DivLine360x12 Water. Water. Water. Please? That is what the chimes sound like today.
What do you hear? Please leave a comment.

Logo: UN World Water Day 2013

Growing an oak from an acorn

I admit it: it’s a metaphor. This post is about water, not oak trees. Please keep reading even if you are more interested in trees than water.

Once upon a time a little girl, Rachel, only 8 years old, wanted to raise about $300 to help provide clean water to children she would never meet (the acorn). For her 9th birthday she asked friends and family to give to charity: water instead of to her. Events after her birthday turned out far differently than she or her family imagined. The hoped for gift ($300) turned into a $1.3 million gift (the oak tree).

In 1975 I was ordained a deacon. Since then I have been to several diaconal ordinations. In the Episcopal Church those about to be ordained deacons are instructed with these words: “You are to interpret to the Church the needs, concerns, and hopes of the world.” Though I was subsequently ordained a priest I continue to take this instruction seriously. It did not disappear when I was ordained a priest.

In our Forum we seek to understand the needs, concerns and hopes of the world so that we may respond as the Spirit directs.

Clean water, clean and accessible water, is a human need in every time and place. Access to clean water is a concern and fundamental hope of every human being. I continue to contribute to charity: water. Here is why. You will find “the rest of the story” about Rachel in this report from NBC News.

Here you can find out more about Rachel’s Gift from the folks at charity: water

What is the Spirit saying to you?

7/25/12—Maturing in wisdom and age

charity: water

In Advent 2011, with input from Forum members, our (online) Advent Calendar (and 12 Days of Christmas Calendar) featured different individuals and organizations dedicated to serving others (and in serving also helping others). One of the goals of the Sunday Morning Forum (online and in real time) is for us to grow/mature in faith through the actions we take. We want to allow our faith to inform our actions and have our actions inspire a deeper faith in a ever expanding way.

One of the featured organizations in Advent was charity: water. Here is my introduction to their important work:

If you have ever hiked or camped in the wilderness you KNOW how precious water is to your survival. Drink contaminated water and you become sick. Go without water, become dehydrated, and you are in peril within 48 hours. A person can survive without food for days or weeks, a person deprived of water will likely be dead within days, not lasting even a week. ~dan rondeau

charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. (from the Mission Statement of charity: water)

Here is a video sample of the work being done by charity: water. The video tells Rachel’s story (have your kleenex ready), but I also encourage you to read the blog post.

Rachel Beckwith’s Mom Visits Ethiopia. from charity: water on Vimeo.

Finally, I encourage you to make a donation to Rachel’s Birthday Wish for Sienna or donate directly to charity: water and, please, leave a comment here or on their blog.

7/18/12—Maturing in wisdom and age

Jesus matured in wisdom and years, and in favor with God and with people. Luke 2:52 CEB

World Water Day video from charity: water

World Water Day is observed on March 22nd every year. However, the need for clean water is constant. This short video was prepared by charity: water. The video speaks volumes. The need is great. I want to be part of the solution; I hope you do, too.

When there is no water from the faucet, because there is no faucet

Moving from study to action is one of the goals for those who participate in the Sunday Morning Forum, here, or in the classroom, or both. It works the other way, too: action needs to be informed by study. What are the needs of the world around us? What is being done? Listen…are we being called to minister here? Listen…are we being called to support the efforts of others? Listen…what is the Spirit saying?

In my listening i hear again and again the whisper of the Spirit to help others bring clean water to those who must work hard and risk much, every day, to provide water for their families. During Advent and Christmas the ministry of World Vision and charity: water were highlighted in the Advent & Christmas Calendar. As we prepare for Pentecost I put them in front of you again. These two videos are worth seeing time and again to help us remember that the need is still great and that others have already begun to address the need.

They help me to Listen so that I may hear what the Spirit is saying. They make me wonder what the need is in my own part of the world. I pray that they may serve the same purpose in you.

To “see” what the previous video illustrated graphically, I encourage you to watch “Walking in Sabina’s Shoes” from World Vision:

Be aware. Do good. International Women’s Day 2012

March 8th is “International Women’s Day, a day of remembrance and reflection celebrated around the world since 1913,” according to Episcopal News Service.

Here are a few of the posts on our blog that have sought to increase awareness of the needs and issues of women and girls throughout our world and right in our own neighborhoods. As always, my hope and prayer is that with increased awareness of need and the whisper of the Holy Spirit, individual and collective action to meet these needs will result. Blessings on this International Women’s Day. ~dan

Episcopal Women’s Caucus and Anglican Women’s Empowerment – introduced on the Seventh Day of Christmas, this post includes links to other organizations by and for women and girls

Two Against Gender Violence – introduced in our Advent Calendar Day 14, this post links to ECS Julian’s Housing Program for Women and Children and Shelter from the Storm

Anglican Women gather in New York to consider Communion’s Advocacy Efforts – a post linked to an Anglican Communion News release in January. The post indicates how the Anglican Communion is addressing the issue of empowering women in rural settings.

charity: water – posted in our Advent Calendar, Day 24, this post raises awareness about how women and girls are adversely impacted by doing the work of obtaining water for the household (“women’s work”) and how charity: water by bringing water to a village (via wells, or filtration and storage systems) positively impacts the lives of these women and girls (Recommended: Water Changes Everything video)

Image 1 from the International Women’s Day website | Image 2 from 3 inspiring french women

Anglican Women gather in New York to consider Communion’s advocacy efforts

Posted On : January 19, 2012 1:40 PM | Posted By : Anglican News Service
By Rachel Chardon, at the Anglican United Nations Office

Quote . . .Twenty Anglican women from countries1 including Australia, Bangladesh, Uganda and India are visiting the Anglican United Nations Office AUNO next month to engage with the UN’s 56th Commission on the Status of Women, which this year has ‘empowerment of rural women’ as its priority theme2.

Read the entire post: Anglican Communion News Service: Anglican Women gather in New York to consider Communions advocacy efforts.

I offer this as an invitation to continue in study, prayer, and action. During Advent and Christmas our Sunday Morning Forum offered several windows into the important work being done on behalf of women.

The article (I encourage you to read the whole post) mentions the need for clean water as a way to empower rural women. Again, our Opportunity Calendar can lead you to more information and your prayers will lead you to action.

Let’s keep learning, praying, and working to extend God’s reign and share God’s Peace, God’s Shalom. ~dan