Feeding the hungry

Many of you will remember Margaret Watson who served as an Associate at St. Margaret’s (2003-2005). Her friend Maria L. Evans visited Margaret in South Dakota at the Cheyenne River Episcopal Mission and came away with an inspiration for her church and community Trinity Episcopal Church in Kirkesville, MO. The rest of the story (and a short video follows).

Maria posted this on Facebook (a note to Margaret, seen by many) and shared the video which follows. (You gotta love Facebook for its ability to share Good News and inspire the creation of more Good News.)

Hey, Margaret, I wanted to show this to you (if you haven’t seen it already) b/c I also wish to pass my thanks to the wonderful folks I met at Eagle Butte as part of the seed of where this came from. When I was there in the spring, between watching everyone make sure others were fed at funerals and comfort services, as well as the weekly food ministry at church, it was a huge part of what helped me come to believe that it was truly possible to fill a pickup truck full of food in Kirksville, MO (Adair County has 1/4 of the population at or below the poverty line) for the local food bank. Turns out the Holy Spirit saw fit to fill TWO pickup truck loads full of food.

I would not have believed if not for what I saw happening in Eagle Butte. The idea would not have come to me, I don’t think. It was part of what God called me there for, I believe, and I suspect God is not finished working with me on that one, yet…God bless the dedicated folks who feed others at Eagle Butte!  Shared on 16 August 2012

What is the Spirit saying to us? Keep the conversation going.

7/17/12—Maturing in wisdom and age

Jesus matured in wisdom and years, and in favor with God and with people. Luke 2:52 CEB

The Lord’s Prayer as you’ve (probably) never heard it before

The Lord’s Prayer in Lakota.

Some of you were as privileged as me to receive the wisdom, experience, and ministry of The Rev. Margaret Watson at St. Margaret’s in Palm Desert, CA. Currently Margaret is serving Episcopal churches from Eagle Butte, SD on the Cheyenne River Reservation. She has a daily blog post—leave it lay where Jesus flang it—written as part of her morning prayer time. I encourage you to check out my “Garden & Compost” note of 7/13/2012. As we listen for the whispers of the Spirit we may hear the voices of our brothers and sisters in Christ from as far away as South Dakota and as near as the Reservations in our own Coachella Valley.

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