Continuing Sunday’s Conversation

In light of our study of Hebrews, words spoken to persecuted and demoralized followers of the Way in the early years of Christianity, comes this 20th century assessment:

Too often the price exacted by society for security and respectability is that the Christian movement in its formal expression must be on the side of the strong against the weak. This is a matter of tremendous significance, for it reveals to what extent a religion that was born of a people acquainted with persecution and suffering has become the cornerstone of a civilization and of nations whose very position in modern life too often has been secured by a ruthless use of power applied to defenseless peoples.

—Howard Thurman quoted in Verse & Voice for 9/2/13 (Sojourners online)

The purpose of …

The purpose of art is the gradual, lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity. —Glenn Gould, pianist

Be Real AND Make Hope

It is a huge danger to pretend that awful things do not happen.
But you need enough hope to keep going.
I am trying to make hope.
Flowers grow out of darkness.

Corita Kent —Word for the Day on, 25 Sep. 2011

2 Corinthians 4:13–5:1 is appointed for reading on Sunday, June 10, 2012. We will hear Paul talk about hope. When awful things happen how do you “make hope”?

To the Trinity be praise!

To the Trinity be praise!
God is music, God is life
that nurtures every creature in its kind.
Our God is the song of the angel throng
and the splendor of secret ways
hid from all humankind,
But God, our life is the life of all.

–Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179)

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