Wind Chimes: 28 Sep 2012

Two of the favorites to be named the next Archbishop of Canterbury
(LT-RT) The Bishop of Sheffield, Steven Croft and The Bishop of Durham, Justin Welby. Photo credit: Chapter and Verse / PA

Here is today’s sampling of the music made by the Spirit in the Wind Chimes.

What do you hear?

Former oil executive still bookies’ favourite as final decision due on Archbishop of Canterbury (posted 9/26/2012)

Quote . . .The Bishop of Durham, Justin Welby, was confirmed as the bookmakers’ favourite to succeed Rowan Williams, as the Crown Nominations Commission began a two-day meeting to make its final decision.   [1]

Hat tip (ht) to John H. for sending the link to this article. Somewhere in the world, you can find someone else to take your bet on anything you can imagine. More seriously, pray for those making this selection (a request made near the end of the Telegraph article), and pray for the one who will step up to this ministry.

It is never too late to pray

The Crown Nominations Committee has done its work (9/26-9/27/2012) and names are being sent to the Queen for a final decision. An announcement will be made in the week of September 30, 2012. I believe it is never too late to pray. Here is the prayer to be offered for the Committee (and for the Queen) as the decision is made:

Almighty God, you have given your Holy Spirit to the Church to lead us into all truth: bless with the Spirit’s grace and presence the members of the Crown Nominations Committee. Keep them steadfast in faith and united in love, that they may seek your will, manifest your glory and prepare the way of your kingdom; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord. Amen. Prayer for the Crown Nominations Committee

Please join me (and so many others) in prayer.

Obama at the U.N.: A new religion doctrine

President Obama on Tuesday (Sept. 25) gave a forceful speech at the United Nations, in which he challenged much of the world’s assumptions about free speech and religion.

The article, by Lauren Markoe, goes on to extract five points which she says “add up to as close to an Obama Doctrine on Religion as we’ve seen.”

Read the article on Religion News Service

[1] You may read the full article by John Bingham, Religious Affairs Editor for the Telegraph, here: At this point (9/28/12) two names will be forwarded to the Queen who will choose the next Archbishop of Canterbury. Her choice will be announced next week.

Author: Daniel Rondeau

I am a husband and father and an Episcopal Priest (now retired) in the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego.

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